About the Bootcamps:

Ben’s bootcamps are all about fun. If you are getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to exercise, then you want the workout to be enjoyable!
Not only are the sessions fun, they also involve:
  •   Functional, full body movement
  •   Scaled options to cover all levels of fitness and exercise experience
  •   A very supportive, encouraging exercise environment
  •   A wide variety of exercise modalities designed to keep your body and mind stimulated
  •   Monitored/recorded ‘test’ sessions to ensure you are regularly improving
  •   Metabolic conditioning, workouts designed to speed up your metabolism
  •   Challenging workouts designed to achieved maximum results in a minimal period of time
The benefits of the workouts are many, some of these include:
  •   Improved tone and shape
  •   Greater levels of fitness
  •   Weight loss and body-fat reduction
  •   Increased strength
  •   Faster metabolism
  •   Improved mood
If you are wanting to make a positive step with your health and fitness, then these sessions are for you.

About Ben:

Ben Montague has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.
Ben has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, including:
  •    A group exercise instructor and personal trainer for two decades
  •   A former fitness presenter on TV One’s Good Morning Show
  •   A presenter at local and international fitness conferences
  •   An Exercise Prescription tutor at the New Zealand Institute of Sport
  •   A representative sportsman in a number of different codes, including rugby, basketball, athletics and rugby league
With a life dedicated to fitness, Ben brings passion, experience and expertise to the bootcamp sessions.  Ben and his team are committed to making your health & fitness goals a reality.


Sandi Malesic

imageSandi has a strong background in performance and it was through her love of being on stage that she was able to find her love for fitness. Performance and drama school helped Sandi grow her confidence, practice team building and further advance her management skillset.

Years of commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle is what helped Sandi to condition her body to be able to last months of show seasons, intensive rehearsals, and physically demanding performances. The commitment to a healthy and energetic lifestyle changed Sandi both mentally and physically. She improved by: increasing her stamina, altering her size for characters/roles (weight loss and weight gain) when necessary, developing her strength, endurance and flexibility. Fitness and training also taught Sandi to become mentally stronger, challenge herself and have a positive outlook.

Her love of helping others, continuing to train, perform and challenge herself makesSandi feel like she has the best job in the world! Whether your goal is to lose weight for summer, eat healthier, learn something new, increase confidence or to become more active Sandi will cater to your goals happily. She will share the tools and knowledge she has so that you can hold your head up high- smile, and be proud to be in your own skin.

Areas of Expertise

  • Confidence building
  • Weight loss/toning
  • Strength and High intensity programing/training
  • Core conditioning and stability