I started Ben’s Bootcamp two years ago, I overheard a conversation between mothers of my son’s school and always had a bootcamp down on my bucket list to try.  And try I did, oh my goodness it took me a week to recover to go back!  But Back I went and I haven’t  stopped since!
Ben has an endless supply of workouts so you never know what you will be faced with. Ben is endlessly patient with us and very encouraging.  We may all do the same workout but he is very mindful of peoples fitness levels, ability’s, injuries etc so he tailors it for that person.
I am a fitter more toned person since I have started and thanks to Ben’s ongoing commitment to it I am still going two years down the track!
Angela Galagher – Upper Hutt Bootcamp
I tried the gym a few years ago but it was not for me and I soon ended up locked into a contract, not using the membership and just giving a large donation. I have been going to Ben’s boot camp for just over 2 years now. I still can’t believe that I have continued to attend twice a week after all this time. There is always room for improvement, so always a challenge in front of you. You can’t get bored, you can only get better.
I really enjoy exercising with ladies only. I like that I can buy a single session at a time or a 10 trip session and pay for what I use only, I am not being charged if unwell to attend or have to be away.   Ben has been fantastic in helping me and others get the results wanted. When I first started I was very unfit and did not imagine I could possibly achieve what I have. I have managed to lose weight, gain shape, muscle and strength I did not know I had. The encouragement Ben gives drives you on. I learnt to trust him with what he knew I could achieve. At times he pushes you because he believes you can do it, and when you do get there, it is very rewarding. If anyone has an injury he will modify the exercise to suit. I am really proud of where I am and where I have come from. One of my biggest rewards is how proud my children are of me.
Melita Zammit – Upper Hutt Bootcamp
I have over the years attended a number of bootcamps either through my gym or work. However I have found Ben’s bootcamp really awesome.  This is mainly because Ben caters to a range of fitness levels, age groups, provides a different range of routines which makes it fun and moreover Ben’s training technique is great i.e. excellent motivator and professional.  I have been attending Ben’s bootcamp for approximately 1  year and I have noticed my fitness has definitely improved as I am now training for a Half Marathon. If you want to either lose weight, or improve your fitness, have fun whilst exercising and be trained by one of the best in the industry, I would highly recommend Ben’s Bootcamp.
Jennifer Rodricks – Upper Hutt and Wellington Bootcamp
I have been training with Ben for just over 2 years now. When I started,  push ups, squats, lunges and running were things fit people did, and something that I thought I would never be able to do or want to do. Since training with Ben I have succeeded in doing all of these things and even managing to do a plank and wall sit for three minutes.
I not only have maintained my weight over the last two years but my fitness levels have increased 100%. I feel physically stronger and healthier.
Our group of ladies that attend boot camp all encourage one another and no one is better than another. Ben is an amazing instructor. He is very dedicated, knowledgeable and very approachable. He is an excellent motivator and pushes us to beyond what we thought we could do. He makes the 6am start twice a week worth getting up for and I would encourage anyone thinking about joining our boot camp to come along, we have a lot of laughs and make new friends along the way as well.
Bella Dobbelaar – Upper Hutt Bootcamp
I’ve loved attending Ben’s bootcamps – they’re a fun way to start the day and to boost fitness levels. He uses a mixture of styles and keeps things interesting; it’s clear he really knows his stuff. I always find that by the end of the six weeks I’m fitter, happier and motivated to continue the good work on my own, with an increased knowledge of the variety of ways you can work out without needing a one-to-one trainer or an expensive gym membership. I’ll keep coming to Ben’s bootcamps as long as he keeps running them!
Gabrielle Nicholson – Wellington Bootcamp

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. One and a half years on and I am still addicted to Ben’s Bootcamp. I feel guilty if I have to miss a session for some reason or another!!
    Ben knows our personal limits and encourages us to strive for better which is very motivating and rewarding. We are an array of fitness abilities yet all support one another and are proud of each other’s achievements. As a runner for many years it is refreshing to try something new that challenges me both physically and mentally.
    Highly recommended and highly addictive… Give it a go… You will be amazed at how good you will feel about yourself… how your body shape will change and how much fitter you will become.
    A big thank you to Ben and all the lovely ladies that attend 😀
    Emma Dobbelaar


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